Puppy & Breeder

Specially blended formula made for puppies & lactating bitches. Made with smaller kibbles perfect for growing dogs.


Health & Activity

The all round diet for the active dog. Contains all of the essential ingredients to keep your dog in top condition!


Light & Sensitive

The perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for sensitive, grown-up dogs with low activity level, overweight or for senior dogs.



Welcome to Browns Dog Food

Introducing Macrogard..

Brown’s Pet Range are the first British company to include MacroGard® in their food.

The inclusion of MacroGard® in your pets diet helps them balance their defences, which allows a more efficient protection against challenges they may face.

  • Enhances natural defences, preparing them for the challenges ahead
  • Helps to reduce the risks and severity of bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases
  • It contributes for a better health status, optimising the efficiency of vaccines.
  • Activates the white blood corpuscles and thereby strengthens the immune system.

Perfectly designed for dogs of all sizes..


Trust our food

All of our Dog Food has been created by an independent senior nutritionist.

Only the BEST composition is used for the perfect nutritional balance.

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